Shady Sun Photoshoot | Makeup | Brooklyn Estate

We all know summer has to come to an end. Usually that makes me super sad, no more beach or warm weather. However lately the end of summer means a Shady Sun photoshoot, and that makes summer ending a little less harsh. After all its not everyday you get to work with some of your best gal pals and hang poolside for the day!

This time around I wasn't doing just makeup for the models, we took this opportunity to collaborate! I launched my super fun "Boyfriend"  lipstick collection! This day was absolutely amazing and so much fun. Oddly I can't wait for the end of Summer 2018, who knows what the next photoshoot will hold!

Spray Tan: The Shady Sun

Makeup: Andrea Bounds Beauty

Hair: Charely Malone

Photographer: Leah Adkins Photography

Location: Brooklyn Estate