Shady Foam

Shady Foam


Our fast drying Shady Tanning mousse creates a perfect summer bronzed glow. Best part is, your skin is left feeling smooth and soft – not tight or dry. Shady Foam is light weight and fast acting. With coco brown bronzers, your deep rich tan is seconds away. Blended with hydrating Argan Oil, Black Elder Flower Extract and Jojoba Seed Oil to revitalize your skin and restore softness while delivering a beautiful dark tan. Its rich brown tint allows you to see exactly where your Shady Tan has been applied. Can be used on your face and entire body. Best for medium to dark skin tones.

Make sure to snag a mitt to protect hands from staining, just let us know if you need one or not.


Apply to clean exfoliated skin using your Shady Tanning Mitt (1-2 ounces per application is best). If applied for day ware, allow to dry thoroughly before dressing. Avoid contact with water, showering, or perspiring for 8-12 hours for a beautiful Shady Tan. You may see a small amount of color in water when showering the first time, but your tan will remain (this is just the bronzer and any extra solution your skin couldn't absorb).


*SHADY TIP: This is a dark product, use lightly on hands, feet, joints to create the most natural looking tan.

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