Charcoal Mask + Application Brush

Charcoal Mask + Application Brush


Gently cleanses stressed, polluted skin

  • Eliminates oils & dirt while reducing pores

  • Leaves face feeling refreshed & radiant

Detoxifying Charcoal Mask - with 3 earth clays & activated charcoal

Masks are one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry. The powerful combination of charcoal and three triple-action clays will leave your skin smooth, naturally exfoliated, and enriched.

This indulgent formula acts as a magnet to capture deep-set impurities and toxins. While most mask tend to dry skin, this combines the powerful technology of lecithin, which acts as a humectant to retain moisture and provide the nourishment skin needs. The outcome will leave your skin feeling reinvigorated with a healthy glow.

This formula is paragon, sulfate, BHT and talc free, combining science and natures’s most potent ingredients.

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